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A kayak angler throwing a cast net from a stand-up paddle board. Photo: YakAttack

The allure of today’s interchangeable go-anywhere gadgets, rigging and accessories

You bought a kayak or board and now you want to rig it for fishing. Rod holders, electronics, mounts, lights, cameras and accessories are easy to add thanks to modern marvels. Nowadays, most fishing accessories are not limited to kayaks; they’re made to attach to boats, ATVs, motorcycles and cool- ers. If you play it smart, you can attatch multiple gadgets with one mount. 


One of the most exciting innovations in kayak design is the invention of pods. These are removable storage units on the boat that can hold gear or electronics. If you have more than one boat by the same manufacturer, you can likely change out pods to save time and money. Or you can mount a fishfinder on a removable battery box and a transducer arm to move it from one kayak to another. Leave the pod packed to make loading easier. Not only does the pod store gear out of the way and in reach, but it places most of the weight low and in the center of the kayak, where it can im- prove stability and trim. The only downside: A pod can add weight and drag to the hull, sapping performance. 

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Kayak anglers may need to install and remove accessories each trip. They also need to move stuff around through the day. That’s why a kayak an- gler invented the gear track. The gear track is a narrow, metal slotted bar. Insert a T-bolt into the slot and secure almost any accessory to the kayak in seconds. Many kayaks come with pre-mounted tracks, and it is easy to add your own. Most accessories fit tracks by other manufacturers. Tracks don’t give enough leverage to provide a solid base for heavy work like rod holders so they’re best used for lighter duty accessories such as electronics or cameras. They come in metal or plastic with the latest models shaving material to stay low-profile. 


The coolest thing about interchangeable accessories is that gear can be shared from one vehicle to another. Install a base in each vehicle and move your cellphone holder from car to kayak to ATV or RV. Leash plug adapters even make it possible to install almost any accessory on a standup paddleboard. Super-strong adhesive bases allow you to carry your gear on an inflatable boat or board. Bar mounts work great on ATVs, motorcycles, bikes and snowmobiles. We love that nearly all of these bases work with mounts from other companies and mounts come with adapters to accept any base. 

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