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Hybrid board/boats allow anglers to go from stand-up to sit-down. Fishwater Bros


Grant Braudrick @GoodOleG


Diablo Paddlesports ProStaff - Fishwater Bros 

Target fish:

Bass(Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Striped)


North Central Texas 

Best boat:

Diablo Paddlesports Adios - Stability, comfort, sight fishing capabilities. Stability of a standup paddle board, rig-ability of a kayak. Best of both worlds! 

Essential accessories:

Anchor trolley for kayak control in current or wind to allow the angler to proper presentation to the fish. 

Stand-up tips:

Stand with feet shoulders width apart and make sure your deck is clear of anything that may hinder your standing position. Test the limits of your kayak before loading it full of gear. This will give you a better understanding of what your kayak can handle.

Sight Fishing Tips:

Long, accurate casts tight to cover will land you the most fish. In clear waters, dependent on species, you may only have one opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime. Practice accuracy and presentation constantly so when the moment presents itself, you'll be ready! 

Great sight-fishing story:

People say you can't catch in the middle of the day. While it may not be the prime time to fish a proper presentation will often lead to hooked fish. I hooked into a 21" 6.5lb bass that was sitting tight to cover. The bass rushed out of the cover with an airborne rage, went straight under my kayak with my rod bent underneath the kayak as well, jumped in rage on the opposite side of the kayak from which I hooked the fish, landed inside my boat, flipped out and then continued to fight until it was landed. Talk about a rush!  

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