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Top excuses to bail on the office and hit the water instead

The boss is yelling, the phone is ringing, you’re late for a meeting and the Internet is down, but you can’t stop daydreaming about blue skies, calm waters and snapping fish. There’s nothing worse than being stuck at work when you could be kayak fishing. With the right excuse, you could find yourself hooked into a good fish while your coworkers are stuck at their desk. Kayak Angler asked readers to share their favorite excuses to get out of work and get out on the water. Warning: do not use these excuses more than once. 

I had surgery on my knee and told the boss I needed a couple of days to heal. Well, a kayak is a great place to keep your leg elevated.
—Ryan Onopa, Roslindale, Massachusetts

I quit work and went fishing for two months; it was great!

—John Arruda, On the Road, America

Got jury duty. I was dismissed the first day, but didn’t tell my boss, spent the rest of the week fishing.
—Peter Ennist, Brooksville, Florida

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