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Kerry Flowers poses with a large fish on a beach. Photo: Kerry Flowers

Kayak Angler's Trophy Series looks at five anglers targeting the biggest fish and the toughest catches

What is a trophy catch 

A trophy catch has to be something that not many others have achieved. For example, many anglers consider a 20-pound snapper a trophy. When I first started, that was definitely a prize. Now, I set my eyes on a 30-pounder.

Toughest accomplishment

I started fishing to feed my young family. When a buddy got a kayak, I scraped up every penny and bought a cheap, used kayak. On my first trip, I smashed my personal best snapper and I was hooked. After that, I started fishing every weekend.

Favorite fish story

That would have to be my striped marlin catch. The forecast was for 20-knot winds so I figured I’d stay inshore and fish for snapper. When I got to the fish- ing grounds, the wind wasn’t blowing so I worked my way offshore. I caught a couple skipjack and set them out as livebait. I was six miles offshore when I decided to turn and work my way back in. That’s when the line-out alarm on my reel gave a little chirp. I picked up the rod. The line was slack. I started reel- ing and I could feel weight. I tightened the drag and line started spewing off the reel. Then, a huge marlin jumped out of the water just off the bow. I fought it for 20 minutes and had it on the leader. Reached out and touched its sickle tail and the huge fish took...



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