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Elias Vaisberg with a striper in a kayak. Photo: Elias Vaisberg

From freshwater to salt, striped bass heats up autumn

Striped bass swim freshwater and salt, from Canada to Florida and west to California. The andromonous fish spend their lives in the ocean then return to their natal rivers to spawn. For many anglers, striper are the ultimate sportfish. They eat almost anything, fight hard and taste delicious. Best yet, fall is the hottest time to score big striper wherever they swim.  


Elias Vaisberg, Pro guide, KastKing/Hobie pro staff, lives in Coastal New York 

How to find the fish

“Birds, birds, birds. Look for birds working over feeding fish. Or find large schools of menhaden on the surface. Focus on the back bays, inlets and along the beach.” 

Perfect day fishing

“Water temperatures in the mid-60s, overcast sky and light east wind. October and November are prime time. Weekends can be crowded.” 

Tackle locker 

“KastKing Sharky 3000 series spinning combo with 15-pound KastKing. Add a few feet of...






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