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A kayaker prepares to but the boat on his car. Photo: Jeff Herman

Lift, push, slide, center and secure: the five steps to transport your kayak

Just like on-the-water skills, kayak anglers need get-to-the-water skills. Spend a Saturday at the launch and watch people scratch cars, pull muscles and drop boats until your funny bone hurts. Prevent injury to yourself and your ride by loading and unloading the kayak the right way. 

A man puts his kayak on the car

When moving the kayak, bend your knees, straighten your back, and lift with your legs. Rest some of the weight on your thighs as you move the kayak to the back of the car. 


A kayaker prepares to put his boat on the car

Place the kayak at a slight angle with the bow about even with the back wheel. Place a towel or pad over the car paint. Lift the bow up and place onto the rear rack. The kayak should be paralell with the...








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