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A homemade light pole for a fishing kayak lies on a garage floor. Photos: James Chappel

Stay safe out there with this simple and quick DIY project.

As kayak fishermen, we're at a disadvantage when it comes to being seen and staying safe on the water. One of the easiest ways you can make sure you're seen by other boaters and try to prevent from being run over by boaters not paying attention is to make your own DIY Light Pole. This easy project only takes a few minutes in your garage, but it could keep you safe every time you go out on the water.  

Materials needed:

  • 1" PVC pipe
  • 1" coupling
  • 3/4" coupling
  • Frost spray bottle from Walmart or similar store
  • Harbor freight or similar flash light
  • Electrical tape
  • Reflective tape

How To Make Your DIY Light Pole

Cut 1” PVC pipe to desired height for light pole.

Use electrical tape to tape the 3/4” coupling to the front of the flashlight.

A DIY Light Pole is simple and effective.

Remove the top of the spray bottle.  Tape the bottle to the other end of the coupling.

Slip the 1” coupling over the flashlight and over the 3/4" coupling.

Attach the 1” coupling onto the 1” PVC pipe

Wrap the PVC pipe in reflective tape for added visibility.

The more visible you are on the water, the safer you are.

When you are ready to use the light just pull the 1” coupling off the top of the pole and press the power button on the bottom of the flashlight.  Put the coupling back on top of the pole.

You can also add a flag to this pole for added visibility during the day.

 A DIY Light Pole can keep you safer on the water.


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