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Stevie Nicole tried helping her teammates get on the board but instead caught this giant 10 lbs largemouth bass. Stevie Nicole tried helping her teammates get on the board but instead caught this giant 10 lbs largemouth bass. Photos: Bryan Nicole

Fish for the good of the team and fish karma might reward you with a ten-pounder!

"On March 5, 2016 I entered a team tournament on Lady Bird Lake," said Stevie Nicole. "I teamed up with a great group of guys. Each member could only score one fish each. First cast was at 6:30am and I wasted no time. I knew with 115 anglers on the water, and with it forecasted to be a beautiful day around 80 degrees, it was going to be an early game. 

If I wanted a good fish, I'd have to catch it right away. I tied on a fresh BioSpawn Exo Stick and hit a spot I have been doing well at other times. Boom! Fish on! I got it in the boat, and got it measured. I had a fish, I was on the board. But I knew I was going to have to do better.  Within minutes of my second attempt, I pulled a beautiful 22.5" in the kayak!  I was now in the lead for Big Bass. 

I then focused my attention to helping my teammates find fish to get on the board. My husband Bryan and I met up on the water and soon came along another teammate. The three of us lined our kayaks up next to each other and started chatting. I tied on a new fresh bait and casted out to the middle of the lake while chatting with the guys. Within two twitches I yanked hard for a hookset! Fish on!

Stevie Nicole caught this giant 25.5 inch, 10-pound largemouth during a Tourney X event.

My line started screaming and I went for a ride as the fish began to pull me across the lake! It was a good 3 minutes into the hookset before we got a glimpse of the fish. At this point, we thought this must be a catfish or carp with how hard the fish was fighting away from me and swimming downward. She finally surfaced and showed us her big beautiful bucket mouth! 

It was the largest bass I had ever seen in person, and it was on the other end of MY rod! After about five minutes of letting this fish wear itself out, I finally got it next to my kayak, reached down, and grabbed it with all I had, since I lost my net on the 22.5" fish earlier. But in the moment of wanting to get this fish in my kayak, I forgot all about it! I quickly lifted it in and knew right away, this was the biggest fish I have ever caught!

I got it measured and submitted my score to and let out a big holler! I had gathered a crowed at this point and they were all glad to celebrate the moment with me. I put it on my husband's scale to get a weight. It bounced between 10.8 and 10.2lbs! My first double digit bass! The best part of catching this fish was doing with my husband and friends surrounding me with support. And my husband caught it all on video!"


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