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Bob Nagy was fishing a black Slug-Go when he hooked up with this striped bass. Bob Nagy was fishing a black Slug-Go when he hooked up with this striped bass. Photo: Bob Nagy

Some years finding a holdover striper can be like finding a unicorn, but the rewards are great.

“This was a decent striped bass caught in late December in Southern New England on a 9” black Slug-Go with a 3/4oz Joe Baggs SPJ jighead," said Bob Nagy. "Big soft plastics jigged slowly off the bottom are a deadly weapon for these large hold-over striped bass.
I also want to mention that catch and release of these striped bass is ESSENTIAL to the preservation of the fishery for generations to come; as the fish become extremely vulnerable due to large congregations of fish feeding in a relatively small area. It can get quite cold here in December and any kayaker planning to go out on the water should be adequately prepared and equipped for cold water safety.
As the looming winter approaches, younger Striped Bass will often seek refuge in late-fall/early winter in the tidal rivers of Southern New England and New Jersey. During this time period they are often found feeding aggressively in large schools to fatten up for the cold harsh winter ahead. Although most of the fish are on the smaller side, the abundance of bait (Atlantic Herring and Atlantic Menhaden) provides adequate forage for larger specimens as well."

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