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After catching a gar, Adam Van Paassen is hooked on these prehistoric fish. After catching a gar, Adam Van Paassen is hooked on these prehistoric fish. Photo: Barna Robinson

Hooking up with a fish this old is like fishing for dinosaurs.

"It was a nice, warm sunny afternoon," said Adam Van Paassen. "The BAER guide team and I were out doing some safety training and conducting some much need R & D in Lake Erie's Long Point Bay. We had spent a solid week trying to figure out the best method for Gar Pike. At this point we knew where they were, we just couldn't catch them.
Seeing them swim by constantly in the shallows, casting perfectly and never being able to reel one in, was getting frustrating. On this particularly perfect day, I feel as though I made a particularly perfect cast at a particularly perfect time - and it hit - hard too. It twisted and pulled while I reeled my heart out, until I finally pulled in (the extremely slimy) gar I had been looking for.
My fellow fisherman Barna Robinson, owner of Baer Kayak Fishing, and Bobby both caught several (I only pulled in the one). This gar might be one of most exciting fish I have ever had the pleasure of catching. Not only do they strike like an alligator, clamping down on the lure rather than biting it, you feel like you've reeled in a prehistoric creature when it finally gets to the boat. If you've never caught one, try! It will be worth all the effort you to put into it."

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