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Sydney Sewell holds up her big largemouth bass that she caught on Christmas Eve. Sydney Sewell holds up her big largemouth bass that she caught on Christmas Eve. Photos: Sydney Sewell

How did you spend your holiday season this year?

"Over the holiday I was able to get out and fish," said Sydney Sewell. "Let me tell you what, these two bass had me giddy like a fat kid in a candy store. Caught on the same day and they are two different bass. Christmas Eve morning I decided to take my kayak to the Florida Bypass Canal and take a whack at completing a MTB Slam. If you do not know what a MTB slam is, it is where you try and catch a fish on every item thats in a Mystery Tackle Box.

The first bait I tried was a Omega Jig with a Gambler BB Cricket as a trailer. I flipped the jig into the mouth of a drainage pipe. Little did I know that a five pound bass was about to inhale this jig. After that the day was slow with little bass being caught. I finally was on the last lure of the box. It was a Lucky Craft Flash Minnow.


My first time ever throwing this bait. I can say it won't be my last. I threw the flash minnow in-between two drainage pipes. As soon as the minnow crossed the mouth of this pipe my rod bent right over. This bass put up a fight I will never forget. I thought she was going to get off multiple times.

Finally I was able to get her close enough to the kayak so I could net her. That seven pound bass had my heart beating like crazy. Not just because of the size she was but also I had just completed my first MTB Slam. That Christmas Eve morning is one I will never forget."

Sydney Sewell holds up her Christmas Eve largemouth bass.

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