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Dennis Jones holds up his new personal best spotted bass from the Coosa River. Dennis Jones holds up his new personal best spotted bass from the Coosa River. Photos: Dennis Jones

Don't let errands derail your fishing plans if you still have daylight left.

"Well the day didn't start the way I was hoping," said Dennis Jones. "I had to help my little sister move from one apartment to another which would delay my fishing trip lol. I finally got on the Coosa River around 10:30. This was going to be a 7 mile float and starting that late was going to screw up the spots that I wanted to pick apart.

Luckily it was a good cloud cover day and I hoped that would make the fish a little more active. As I started to paddle out, I saw a few busting the surface and thought nothing of it. I got curious and casted in that general area and wouldn't you know it, I saw about a 3 and a half pound Alabama spotted bass nail my brand new 6" Bull Shad (I had up sized from the 5" I had been throwing but with little success) and normally the story goes, "the big one was one and the little one took it away.

Well this instance was a little different the smaller of the two grabbed my swimbait first and a much bigger bulkier Alabama spotted bass came and took it away from him. I measured that fish at 21.5" and was my personal best spotted bass on a brand new swimbait that I haven't even played with yet. I ended up catching another 21" spotted bass only 30 yards from where I caught my first one and man it was just a great overall day. I started to gain a lot of confidence throwing big swimbaits and I haven't put it down since!"

Dennis Jones' new personal best spotted bass was caught on a new swimbait.

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