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Tim Moore holds up his new personal best, a giant striped bass over 30 pounds. Tim Moore holds up his new personal best, a giant striped bass over 30 pounds. Photos: Courtesy Tim Moore

Fishing at night, you never know what you're hooked into until it's in your lap.

"I fished the night before last with live eels and had an epic night of striper fishing from my Predator XL. I caught a 33”, two 35” and my personal best from a kayak, a 39”. Knowing there were big fish around I headed back out last night to see if I could find them. The evening began with a fat 28” fish. I had an early morning and didn’t plan on staying out too late.

I decided that I would troll my way around the area I was fishing and make my way back to the launch. As I passed the spot where I caught the 39” the night before I felt a thump, set the hook, and landed a decent 30” striper. Knowing that no good striper fisherman would just leave without seeing what else was around, I swung back for another pass at that spot.

Tim Moore used his Old Town Predator XL to hook into this giant striper at night

This time I decided just to drift with the current. I was fooled a couple of times when my live eel hit bottom. Then moments later I got snagged…so I thought. I gave the rod a yank, partly to pull it free from the snag and partly just to be on the safe side in case it was a fish, and my line began moving out to deeper water and line started peeling of my reel.

I flipped on my headlamp and when I got the fish to the boat, the first of five times, I could see how big it was. I knew that this was the biggest striper I had ever hooked and I began to panic. I knew that if I lost that fish I would want to cry. I wanted to fight the fish and tire it out enough so that I could land it, but not so much that it was over-exhausted.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the big girl came up belong my kayak and I grabbed it with my fish grip. I immediately let out a holler. I called to my buddy Chuck to come help with photos and get it back into the water. The fish measured 46” long, had a 25” girth, and weighed 33.2 pounds. The biggest fish I have ever caught…period."

Tim Moore's biggest striper ever weighed over 30 pounds 

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