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Grip and Grin Pre-Fish Giants "Awesome way to wrap up my prefish day!" Photo: Bob Farrell

Catching big fish during pre-fish: a good sign or bad omen?

"I caught this nice 34" striper along with five others, plus a 40" bluefish on the pre-fish day for the Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Classic," said Joe Hosler. "But the striper avoided me the three days of the tournament. Go figure!

The bluefish was caught on a tube & worm. Funny thing was I caught that on my troll heading in at the end of the day. Winds picked up and it got nasty really quick. So I started heading in and figured I throw a tube & worm set up out in the hopes of one more striper.

About 5 minutes into my troll my rod went down. Thought I had a big striper till I felt the head shake like crazy. I knew it was a blue. But didn't know how big till I got it yak side. 40"! Awesome way to wrap up my prefish day!"

Jamaica Bay Bluefish 

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