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"Hands down my favorite freshwater fish." "Hands down my favorite freshwater fish." Photo: Juan Veruete

What species would you pick if you could only fish for one the rest of your life?

"Man I love smallmouth," says Ben Duchesney, web editor of Kayak Angler and host of the new web series Hook, Line & Paddle. "Tie the tails of a largemouth and a smallmouth together and a smallmouth will wipe the floor with that largemouth. Hands down my favorite freshwater fish."

Fishing for the next episode, Ben hooks up with Wilderness Systems pros Juan Veruete, Jeff Little and Jedediah Plunkert and heads to the Susquehanna River in search of a personal best smallmouth bass. Can he top this fat bass above? Find out when the next episode drops July 16th. 

Did you miss the first episode? Watch it here!


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