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"This is just one of many very good days we have down here in Santa Teresa Costa Rica." "This is just one of many very good days we have down here in Santa Teresa Costa Rica." Photos: Pablo Hein

Just another productive day on the water in Costa Rica.

"It's a big pleasure to send another kayak fishing report from Costa Rica," said Pablo Hein of Sea Kayak Adventures. "My very good fishing friend and partner Martin Petterson from Karlskona Sweden and I started very early, around 4:45am, paddling to our spot. It take us around 1 hour and 10 minutes to arrive there, so a little before 6am we started our jigging session.
Things were going fine with Martin catching a nice mackerel tuna and me a few black tuna. There was quite a bit of current so we began drifting pretty quick during jigging. I was trolling back to my mark when I caught a little bullet tuna and asked Martin if he wanted to try some bait fishing. He set a hook through a little 10 inche tuna and dropped it down around 30 meters. Maybe only 10 minutes later something started pulling his rod and immediately a huge fish jumped out of the water.
Pablo Hein body 1
It was a nice roosterfish, over 30 pounds, but it spit our bait without even damaging it. After that the little bullet tuna was dead, so we made a few cuts to bleed it and dropped the bait again. Maybe 15 minutes later, a fish was on the hook, with Martin moving slowly with his bait rod absolutely bent double. In that moment we didn't know what to expect, because it was not running fast, but it was very hard to pull up. We even thought it could be a shark and got a little nervous when pulling a huge fish without seeing it.
After more than half an hour of slow progress, reeling up and running down, we finally saw the fish coming maybe 15 meters under the kayak and it was a beast of an Amberjack (16 kilos). You can see the joy we had just looking at Martin Petterson's giant smile.
This is just one of many very good days we have down here in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, every day is a new adventure here. Some days people will see whales, dolphins, turtles and a lot of fish. Some days you can expect to get a monster fish at the end of your line."

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