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"In my mind there was only one thing: go out fishing again." "In my mind there was only one thing: go out fishing again." Photos: Pablo Hein

Catching more than just giant yellowfin and soaking up the sun.

"I am very happy to write this little kayak fishing report from Santa Teresa beach in Mal Pais Costa Rica," said Pablo Hein, of Sea Kayak Adventures. "After a lot of football in the World Cup and one of the biggest swells in the Pacific this year, the ocean came back to calm and gave me a chance to paddle out and try my luck.

This last summer we caught a lot of fish here, but one of those days paddling for mackerel tuna, I was jigging in this area with a good friend and hooked the bottom on a rock. I clicked my gps to keep this mark for future expeditions. After 4 months I decided to give it a chance and it was the right call.

Pablo Hein body 1

This place is 7km (4.3 miles) offshore so wind conditions needed to be good. It took me around one hour to paddle there by myself, (I like to make a little break halfway to check weather conditions and prepare fishing gear and hydrate). The first day I started paddling around 5:15am, so by 6:30am I started fishing and probably by 7:00am I had a beauty of a yellowfin tuna! Incredible.

There were no boats out, because fishing was suposed to be bad, so I was alone having a blast. 'Jehaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' With my mission more than accomplished, I started the hour and half paddle back. That very evening I enjoyed, with my wife, the most delicious sashimi in the world. But in my mind there was only one thing: go out fishing again.

I think I barely slept that night, but I woke up at 3:30am and got ready. At 4:58am I was paddling back to the point. This second day had a little wind; not too strong, but it was hard to stay in the right place. As it was hard to get the small jigs to the bottom, I changed my strategy and used a 200 grain jig to score a nice red snapper around 8 pounds. Having my fridge full with fresh tuna and snapper, we enjoyed some culinary art with ceviche, grilled tuna, fish soup, cold beer and the World Cup. Could it get any better? 

Pablo Hein body 2

After the World Cup was over, conditions were still ok so I decided to set my alarm at 3:15am this time antd started paddlind at 4:40am; in the dark, with a beautiful moon still in the sky. Right at sunrise I was close to my spot again and the very first cast, BOOM, fish on! This was a excellent 10kg amberjack and it was very early, so i just enjoyed my breakfast on the water and around 9:30am I was back at the beach . 

Some people think we only go out to catch fish, but really we go out and enjoy life. During these trips, I hung out with a nice school of dolphins, birds, turtles and many more. I also made some new friends one day when I was paddling back. One fishing boat found me pretty far away from land and stopped to ask if everything was ok, making jokes about me that far away in the kayak!"

Pablo Hein body 3

To schedule your own Costa Rican kayak fishing adventure, check out Sea Kayak Adventures.

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