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Looking for detailed instruction on rigging and fishing from a kayak? Looking for wild stories of kayak anglers taking the sport to the edge? Check out the Early Summer digital edition of KAYAK ANGLER. You’ll find new places to fish, new ways to rig, and learn new skills that catch more fish. Get all the good stuff that the print/newsstand edition of KAYAK ANGLER has to offer, along with exclusive content, web links, videos and photos only available in the digital edition.

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          2013 Gear Guide: 69 of the best kayak fishing rods, reels, rigging, gadgets, gizmos and more.

          The Perfect Adventure: Unless you don’t like remote canyon rivers, limitless smallies and beautiful, ukulele-playing cooks.

          How the Pros Ride: Custom rigging secrets from North America’s best kayak fishermen revealed (BONUS VIDEOS).


          Boats: How to start your own fishing kayak company.

          Gear: Choosing and using a kayak trailer.

          Tackle: The unbreakable secret behind the new braided lines.

          Profile: Meet Joe Hector, father of the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament.

          Conservation: Kayak anglers fishing for science (BONUS VIDEO).

          Skills: Impress your friends with the draw stroke.

          Fish Food: Surf and turf on a budget.

          Rigging: Fish all night long.

          Tactics: BLAM. BLAM. BLAM. Kayak bird hunting.

          Schooled: Cast flies like a pro.

          Destination: Happy fishing at Chateaugay Lake, NY.

          Trailer: Kayak paddlers vs. kayak anglers. Why you can’t be both.

          Catch Photograph Release: Your reader photos.

          Clownfish: Top ten reasons to take a kayak fishing vacation.

          By the Numbers: The long and the short of KA’s 2013 Boat Buyer’s Guide.

          Back Casts: Kick back Kayak Angler style with this stunning photo gallery.

          Reader Tip: A cheap and easy anchor even you can make.

          Editorial: Ric Burnley on going gear crazy. 

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