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A man yelling with joy while holding a big largemouth bass. Photo: Ben Duchesney

Did you have a great fishing season? Too busy to keep up with all of our stories in 2017? No worries, you can catch up on the top Kayak Angler stories of 2017 right here!

1) Expert Chatterbait Tactics For Every Season

Over the years the chatterbait has gained popularity with tournament professionals and weekend warriors. With help from such pros like Luke Clausen, Davin Walker and Stephen Browning this bait has helped get many anglers in the money and is a stable bait to throw on the tournament trail. Because of its three in one features it’s extremely versatile and can be fished in a bunch of different ways and in different seasons.

Learn more about the chatterbait here…

rod setups
Photo: Chris Funk/Feral One Photography

2) 4 Pros, Go-To Rod Setups

Spending a lot of time on the water means you get to know what gear you like and what gear you could do without. Kayak fishing pros spend more time on the water than anyone and tend to stick with the equipment that works best for them. Kayak Angler asked four pros for their go-to rod setups. Here's what they told us: 

Learn what the pros say here…

sand tires
Photos: Courtesy Tim Moore

3) How To Easily Build A DIY Kayak Beach Cart

Kayak carts for fishing kayaks do not have to be as expensive as the rest of your hard-earned equipment to protect it without fail. Sure, you can buy one out of the box and slap it together, but as shown below, its easy, cheap and fun to build yourself a cart that can bear your personal touch. "I was a carpenter in a previous life," said Tim Moore, guide/owner of Tim Moore Outdoors. "We had a saying, 'Cheap isn’t good, and good isn’t cheap.'

Learn how to build Tim Moore’s beach cart here…

turn like a pro
Photo: Jeff Herman

4) How To Turn Your Kayak Like a Pro

The first thing you learn when paddling a kayak is extra strokes on the left turn the boat right, and extra strokes on the right make it turn left. For a sharper turn, drag the paddle blade on the side you want to turn. That’s it, right? Wrong.  

Learn this must-know skill now…

fishfinder kayak
Photo and Video: Kurt Smits

5) How To Set Up A Fishfinder For Kayak Fishing

In this video, 2017 Kayak Bass Fishing national champion Kurt Smits explains how to read a fishfinder and how to dial it in perfectly for kayak fishing. 

Become a fishfinder master now…

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