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NuCanoe Owner Blake showing off the stability of the new Flint kayak Photo By: Kayak Angler

NuCanoe’s Flint packs a punch in a small size

In my experience, when you pay less you get less. NuCanoe’s new Flint kayak debuted at ICAST On the Water Demo as a high-quality boat at a low price. I was suspicious from the start.

I was anxious to kick the tires to figure out where NuCanoe cut corners on the $999.99 boat. Instead, the boat has more features than many models with a higher price tag. At just over 11-feet long, the Flint hits that sweet spot between long-enough to track well and short enough to handle well. The boat is quick and responsive to paddle. It only weighs 67 pounds making it easy to handle off the water, too. 

NuCanoe preserved the open deck layout that is easy to customize with accessories or load with gear. The deck is covered in non-slip padding and channeled to move water towards the scuppers. The list of features is long including four flush-mount rod holders, two horizontal rod holders, space for tackle boxes, a hog-trough holder and five gear tracks. 

The most innovative detail is a combo paddle clip and side handle that is low profile to stay out of the way and easy to use. My favorite feature is the high-low seat that is easy to move into the high position without getting out of the boat. In the low position, the seat is flush to the deck for a low-resistance paddling position that provides plenty of power.

After paddling the Flint all over the small pond at the On the Water Demo, I couldn’t tell where they had cut corners to cut the price. In fact, I think the new Flint is my favorite NuCanoe and one of my favorite boats on the water. 

SPECS (est):

• Length:  11' 3"

• Width:  33"

• Height:  12"

• Draft:  3-6"

• Weight:  67lbs

• Capacity:  400lbs

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