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A kayak angler measuring a fish on the Fish Stik Photos Courtesy: YakGear

YakGear brings a new bump board to the game

How many bump boards have you lost in the water? How many have you knocked off of the deck of your kayak? For most kayak anglers, losing a bump board to the water is just part of life. With their new product, YakGear attempts to take that pain away from kayak fishing.

YakGear has introduced their new innovation, The Fish Stik. The Fish Stik is a compact measuring device, that folds to 12 inches in length and expands to 36 inches when fully extended. And the best part is, it floats.

fish stik2

The Fish Stik comes in yellow, white and orange. And the ability to shorten its length makes it easy to stow in your crate, front hatch or even under your seat. 

“Fishermen have enough to deal with on the water,” YakGear President Bill Bragman said. “When it comes to reeling in fish, their accessories shouldn’t pull focus from the task at hand.”

The hardest part of CPR tournaments by far is getting a good image. The fish wants to flop out of the board, you can’t get a flat surface to take the image or the board breaks in half right before you get a good shot. 

“When you’re dealing with oversized measuring boards, or trying to rig together a flat surface to get an accurate measurement, it takes you out of the moment,” Bill Bragman said. ““Not only that, but you risk losing your tools or your fish. The Fish Stik makes things easier, especially when it’s being used along with The Fish Grip.”

No official word yet on if or when it will be allowed in most kayak fishing tournaments, but our guess is that it isn’t too far away. We can’t wait to get our hands on one to test our for our readers. 

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