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Kayak Angler, Spring 2017 cover. Cover Photo: Tim Romano

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Kayak Fishing Buyers Guide

2017 Fishing Kayak Buyer's Guide

Discover 90 of the best kayak fishing sit-on-tops, sit-insides, hybrids, paddleboards, inflatables, tandems and even belly boats. You will find paddles, pedals, motors and sail boats so you can go frontwards, backwards, drift, float, ferry, tack, troll, kick, surf, sit, stand or wade your way to catch anything that's biting. Don't even get us started with all the innovation in outfitting, rigging and accessories. 



Wide Open: Big Water Anglers Share Tactics and Tips to Take on the Deep Blue

Wide Open: Big Water Anglers Share Tactics and Tips to Take on the Deep Blue

It's the ultimate kayak destination. The biggest water with the biggest fish and the biggest adventure. Pushing off the beach, paddling through the surf and fishing the open ocean will push an angler's skills, stamina and luck to the edge. While open ocean angling is the big prize, it is open to anyone. The anglers profiled in this five-page feature make open water fishing look easy. With their advice, you can fish the big blue too. 



InntoInn Inset

Inn to Inn: Lisa Densmore Ballard Takes Us Inn Hopping Along Florida's West Coast

Pine Island sits on the west coast of Florida, hosting redfish, tarpon, sea trout, snapper and bonefish. But what Lisa Densmore and her husband, Jack, are really searching for is an elusive 40-pound snook. Follow along as Lisa and Jack weave in and out of the mangroves of Pine Island fishing all day and check into beautiful waterfront lodges at night. 



Boat Test

Pedal Drives Tested: Hobie's Miragedrive 180, Old Town's Predator PDL & Perception's Pescador 120

The pedal revolution is now in full swing. Hobie has upgraded their MirageDrive to go in reverse, Old Town has added the PDL Pedal System to their wildly popular Predator and Perception has added the Pilot Drive to their budget-priced Pescador 120. Kayak Angler editor-in-chief, Ric Burnley takes all three of these highly anticipated pedal drives out for a test drive.



Roll With It: Five Rugged Wheels to Get You to the Launch

Kayak Cart Shootout: Five Rugged Wheels to Get You to the Launch

You can only catch fish with your kayak on the water, and the faster you get in the water, the more time you have to fish. That’s why you need the right kayak cart for your needs. We put five of the best kayak carts to the test so that the final step in your launch process will go as smooth as glass. 



MuskieMunch Inset

Lip Gripper: Northern Fights with Muskie

Don’t believe in 100-fish days, bird-eating muskie or crystal clear, untapped water? Take a trip to Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts in Nestor Falls, Ontario to catch trophy muskie from their fleet of pedal-powered kayaks. The best part? The fishing doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.



Cat Out of the Bag

Monster Catfish Offer Anglers Coast to Coast a Shot at Glory

Often overlooked for other game fish, catfish give kayak anglers from all over the US the chance to fight with a real-live whiskered monster. But don’t mistake catfish as mindless. Tie on a Carolina rig with fresh bait for the chance to land a big cat. 



Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing: Kayak Kevin's Thousand Mile Fishing Trip

In April, “Kayak Kevin” Whitley will embark on a 1,000 mile trip, winding the waters from the Florida Keys to Norfolk, Virginia. He will keep readers updated on his travels through social media as he treks his way back home in his Ocean Kayak Trident 15. This is not your ordinary kayak fishing trip, this trip is to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to.


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