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Image of the limited edition Bluefin hooked kayak fishing paddle. Photo Credit: Werner Paddles

The “Bluefin” is a limited edition hooked kayak fishing paddle.

Werner Paddles announces the new Hooked: Jackson Kayaks-Limited Edition paddle.

In a collaborative effort joining 2 great American paddling families, Werner Paddles brings kayak fishing performance in a great new color scheme.  Introducing the next generation of “Jackson Kayaks-Limited Edition” Hooked kayak fishing paddle.

“Bluefin” is a bold color scheme in the Jackson fishing line-up as well as the Orion Cooler line.  We are excited to how well we matched this great look on our paddles.

This comes as the second part in the relationship, after releasing the "GI Jackson" HD Graphic in the Fall of 2015.  The paddle directly appealed to those wanting to match their Jackson Kayak, but also to those who just liked the cool new look.  We anticipate the same with Bluefin.  Director of Marketing for Jackson Kayak, James McBeath, had this to say about the paddle. “Werner and Jackson have been intertwined in the history of paddle sports from the beginning and we pride ourselves in what we’ve accomplished alongside Werner, in spearheading growth and vibrancy in the marketplace.”

The philosophy of a “Great kayak fishing paddle is a great paddling paddle,” remains the core of Werner’s line focusing on performance and craftsmanship.   However when you can match that with looking good and having fun, everyone is winning.

Low-Angle, Hooked: Camano.


High-Angle, Hooked: Shuna.


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