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Leo Vergara holds a giant flatfish he caught Photo: Leo Vergara

Reader Leo Vergara shares with us the story of how he landed a 124-pound halibut in his kayak

On the last day of halibut season, I set out through the breaking waves of Makah Bay with a couple fishing buddies. On my first drop, I thought I felt a snag. I yanked the line, and the line vibrated back. I knew I had a fish.

I quickly reeled the fish halfway up from 120 feet of water. Then it dove back to the bottom. I worked it in again until I could see the fish. When I saw the size, I called my buddy Rich Fargo on the VHF.

After two more long runs, I had the fish beside the boat. I asked Rich, “Where do I harpoon it?” He replied, “Anywhere!” I hit the fish just behind the gills. “I got it!” I shouted. That’s when the halibut went berserk and ran for the bottom. The fish pulled the harpoon causing the kayak to flip and drag me under the surface. I remember seeing my kayak...




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