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A worm curls in on itself against a black backdrop Photo: Jay Fleming

Surprising and interesting facts about these wriggly creatures fish can't resist

Anglers and kids love them; the rest of the world...not so much. Worms may be derided in art, science and religion, but fish can’t resist a red wiggler on a hook. Get to know a worm, and you’ll love it, too. 

  •  Worms are one of the most common creatures on earth, living in both freshwater and saltwater, underground, underwater and even inside other living creatures.

  •  Worms vary in size from microscopic to a record-holding ribbon worm, measuring a horrifying 180 feet, found in the North Sea. The longest earthworm measured a measly nine feet by comparison.

  •  Instead of a brain, worms process basic information about their surroundings through nerve ganglia. They lack eyes but some can sense light with photoreceptors.

  •  Some scientists believe worms can sense the earth’s magnetic field to navigate underground.

  •  Many worms are hermaphrodites (both male and female). They can mate with another worm or reproduce asexually, growing a new worm....







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