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Kayak Kevin Whitley holding a large fish in the ocean. Photo: Kevin Whitley

Famous kayak anglers explain the stories and the dirt on their famous fishing lids

You’ve seen them on TV, in the magazines and online. You thought, how do they do it? How can Jim Sammons, Drew Gregory and Kayak Kevin Whitley spend their lives paddle fishing? The answer isn’t skill, talent or good looks, it’s their lucky fishing hats.  


As one of Kayak Kevin Whitley’s longest fishing buddies, I can tell you no one is more superstitious. From his boat to his gear to his food, Whitley doesn’t hit the water unless the fish gods are satisfied. You bet his fishing hat is lucky.

“Seven years ago, I got an Aftco visor with a redfish on it,” Whitley starts. That season, the hat proved lucky. “Even when I would wear a hat from a different sponsor, I kept the redfish visor hanging from my camera mount.” Eventually, Whitley collected silver- dollar sized redfish scales and stored them in a small pouch. “I pinned the pouch to the visor and now the fish are part of my lucky fishing hat.” Whitley doesn’t even wear the hat anymore. “It doesn’t fit with my long hair,” he laughs, but the hat still accompanies him on every trip. “If I forget it at home, I’ll go back and get it." 


Drew Gregory and his lucky fishing hat hit the tournament trail at the same time. “I designed the green trucker hat as a protype for the River Bassin’ Trail,” he recalls. The hat has accompanied Gregory all over the world on some of his most significant catches. “I was wearing the hat when I caught my first... 









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