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Mustang Survival at PSR 2018 Alex Traynor

Technology, design and construction from commercial safety wear for every angler

Mustang Survival is famous for providing life-saving gear to military and commercial watermen then transferring their technology and design to recreational outdoorsman with high-quality and good looking gear. This year, we are excited about Mustang’s first recreational dry suit. Inspired by their professional survival suits, the Hudson drysuit uses patented three-layer marine spec fabric secured with a bomber waterproof zipper that’s easy to open and close. The cuffs are neoprene for comfort and a solid seal and the neck gasket can be adjusted to fit any size angler. To beef up the suit, they added padded knees and a reinforced seat and foot pads. Internal suspenders to keep the suit in place while the angler moves.

For warmer water, their new line Callan line of waterproof outerwear is light and stretchable to move with the angler. We like the new waterproof short that will keep our butt dry even when sitting in a wet kayak seat. One of the best features of Mustang’s gear is the slim cut and adjustable sizing for a perfect fit.

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