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Courland Fly Fishing Line At IFTD 2018 Alex Traynor

Longer Rod And Compact Head In Fly Line Make It Easier To Cast In A Kayak

Cortland Line was showcasing their new fly fishing rod and line that is perfect for kayak anglers. The Compact series of line is availalble for both tropical and freshwater fishing. The Compact series comes in floating, intermediate, type 3, type 6 and type 9 sink rates, with 200, 240, 275 and 300 grain line. The short compact head allows for easy loading and does not require you to hold much line.

Cortland Line also featured their new 10ft MKII rod which comes in 6, 7 and 8 weight models. The longer rod provides added reach making it easier to cast from a sitting position in a kayak. It is also easy to hold a lot of line in the air and will still deliver the fly very nicely.

Watch the video for the full product overview.

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