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5 awesome gifts that won’t break the bank

Christmas is two weeks away, and you still don’t know what to get the kayak angler in your life? Have no fear, here are 6 gifts under $100 that would make great stocking stuffers.

onyx pfd 640
Photo Courtesy: Onyx Outdoor.  www.onyxoutdoor.com

1) Onyx Outdoors Kayak Fishing PFD $79.99

This low profile, paddle specific lifejacket is lightweight and perfect for kayak fishing. The neoprene shoulder pads will keep you comfortable all day. The best part of this PFD are the pockets, they just make sense. The largemouth cargo pocket securely holds a VHF radio or long noise pliers. The one button push drop down tray pocket is perfect for carrying extra jigs or any terminal tackle. At only $79.99 you can stay safe and not break the bank.

nrs pilot 640
Photo Courtesy: NRS www.nrs.com

2) NRS Pilot Knife $44.95

The NRS Pilot Knife is the perfect safety knife for freshwater kayak anglers. The blade is only sharpened on one edge, with a blunt tip to protect you from accidentally cutting yourself. The rubber grip helps the knife stay firm in your grasp even when your hands are wet. The sheath firmly locks the knife in so you don’t have to worry about it falling out while you’re paddling or fighting a fish, plus it clips perfectly on your kayak fishing PFD.

scotty 152 640
Photo Courtesy: Scotty. www.scotty.com 

3) Scotty No. 152 Mounting System With Gear Head Adapter $34.99 

Do you love your Scotty gear but wish it extended out a bit further. Scotty has a fix for that. The new 152 Mounting System gives your Scotty gear a full range of motion with the new ball joint design. The Gear Head adapter lets you plug in all of your favorite Scotty accessories.

sundolphin speaker 640
Photo Courtesy: Sundolphin. www.sundolphin.com  

4) Sundolphin Mini-Bluetooth Speaker $31.00

This water-resistant mini bluetooth speaker will keep you rocking out on a long day on the water. The built in microphone lets you take calls without having to hold your phone up to your ear, so you can keep fishing while chatting with your loved ones.

wilderness systems rod leash 640
Photo Courtesy: Wilderness Systems. www.wildernesssystems.com 

5) Wilderness Systems Rod Leash $19.99

Kayak anglers spend a lot of money on rods and reels. Most of us don’t even want to count how much we’ve invested. Even the most experienced paddlers will flip their kayak at least once. The Wilderness Systems Rod Leash will let you attach your rods to your crate or kayak while you aren't using them, keeping them safe in case of a roll over. 20 bucks is a small price to pay considering how much you’ve put into your gear.

emmrod kayak king
The Emmrod Kayak King Cast Rod. Photo Courtesy: Emmrod.com

6) Emmrod Kayak King Cast Rod 79.95

The Emmrod Kayak King Cast Rod is not a gimmick. The six-coil stainless steel rod gives you the power to fight any fish you hook, and breaks down to only 14-inches. It is the perfect rod for camping and kayak fishing. Real estate on a kayak is precious, so this rod is perfect for kayak anglers. Not to mention, it looks awesome!


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