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Three waterproof speakers and a phone sitting on a table. Photo by Roberto Westbrook.

Rock out while you fish on.

Listening to music or a podcast is more than entertainment. It makes me a better angler and paddler. For one, I tend to fish longer if I’m rocking out. The sound of a human voice connects me with the mainland even if I’m in the middle of the ocean during the night. When I’m paddling, music sets the pace.

Check out these accessories to help you rock out while you fish all day.

1) Re-Fuel High-Performace Sports Wireless Earbuds $49.99 | WWW.RE-FUEL.COM

I’m more likely to panic and step on the gas if all I hear is crashing waves and whistling wind. Listening to music through earbuds cuts out distractions and sets the pace on a long paddle. I wear Re-Fuel’s High Performance Wireless Earbuds everywhere. The silicone ear tips fit snugly to keep noise and water out. Military-grade water resistance is spray and sweat-proof. Magnets in each bud allow me to snap the headphones around my neck when I’m not listening to tunes.

2) Fusion StereoActive $299 | WWW.FUSIONENTERTAINMENT. COM

Without the drone of a gas motor rumbling in the background, kayak anglers can find fish with our ears. With a Bluetooth speaker playing softly in the background I can still hear splashing fish and popping bait. StereoActive is a wireless marine speaker that offers Bluetooth, AM/FM, USB and even weather band. The audiophile worked tirelessly on the 40w speakers and amp. Not only are the electronics IPX7 rated waterproof but the speaker even floats. Best yet, the Fusion talks to you. It says "welcome" and "powering down" and ten other things in six languages.

3) Scosche boomBOTTLE H20 $99.99 | WWW.SCOSCHE.COM

I recently spent a week on a deserted island. That time would have seemed like a month if it hadn’t been for our Scosche boomBOTTLE H20. During the trip I dropped, kicked, dunked and beat the speaker without damaging the rubber coated exterior and IP67 waterproof coated and dustproof housing. We had no problem playing tunes day or night with 11 hours of battery life. The 50mm speaker and passive subwoofer produce clear, loud music that carries in all directions. Best of all, the beer-can-shaped speaker was easy to stick in a cup holder, wedge into a pocket or chuck into my crate.

4) Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus $99.99 | WWW.GOALZERO.COM

The only problem with electronics on the kayak is providing power. I added a Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus to the system after the first time I went radio silent before I ran out of daylight. The compact, waterproof and tough solar panel will charge my speaker and phone. The solar indicator on the power cord reads sun power to optimize the solar panels position for fastest charging. On camping trips, I charge portable batteries during the day, then use the batteries to charge my electronics at night.

5) Pelican Marine Case  $ 49.99 | WWW.PELICAN.COM 

A good smartphone case is worth its weight in gold. To protect my iPhone 7 from the rough and tumble kayak life, I put it in a Pelican Marine Case. The case boasts five layers of defense from dust, water and shock. A polycarbonate shell and elastomer shock absorbers keep water out and holds the phone together. The screen protector doesn’t impede access. I can still activate the phone with my fingerprint. I chose a bright white case that makes it easy to find my phone day or night.

6) RAM Mount X-Grip and Double Socket Arm $28.80 | WWW.RAMMOUNT.COM

When it came time to rig my kayak for sound, I only trusted one mount to hold my smartphone. I started with the X-Grip and Double Socket Arm because it will quickly go from my kayak to the truck and hold my phone, VHF or handheld GPS. Besides being infinitely adjustable, the three-inch arm keeps the phone close to the deck so it doesn’t get in the way. After years of abusing RAM mounts I know I can trust the materials and connections—if not, the X-Grip comes with a tether to keep my phone in the boat.

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