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A man standing behind the RAM mounts counter Photo by Ric Burnley

RAM pro angler Brad Hole cooks up cool ways to use new products

Reader’s of Kayak Angler love long-time contributor Brad Hole’s creative and innovative fishing tactics and techniques. This year he’s taken his talents to RAM Mounts. The new paddle holder has only been out for a few months and already Hole has figured out cool ways to use it. When he’s fishing for salmon, he uses the paddle clip to hold his net. When he catches a fish, he can rotate the paddle holder to hold the net over the water to bleed out the fish. Keeping the fish in the water also makes it easier to measure and release it.

He’s used the paddle clip on nets with all size handles. Hole was also excited about the new camera boom that allows him to keep his GoPro folded into the kayak when he’s fishing then, with one hand, swing the arm out when the action starts. He’s even figured out a cool way to use the new HD rod holder. He replaces the GoPro on the camera mount with an X-grip to hold his phone. Give Brad Hole a new product and he’ll come up with a dozen new ways to use it.

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