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A man standing in front of the new Yakima trailer Photos by: Rapid Media Staff

A trailer with a place for all your gear

Yakima have one of the most popular kayak fishing trailers with the rack and roll trailer, and they have just one-upped themselves. Yakima has introduced the EasyRider trailer, and it is perfect for kayak fishing. 

The Easy Rider is built with two levels. The bottom level is perfect for your big heavy kayak, while the top level, at 78-inches wide, can hold all of your gear or two more kayaks. 

The trailer is built out of heavy duty aluminum, the wheels have independent suspension and all of the parts are submersible so you can back your trailer right in the water to launch your kayaks.

The second level also is built to hold a rooftop tent. So you park right next to the river, set up your tent on top and you are ready for a relaxing river trip.

For more information on the EasyRider trailer and the new Yakima rooftop tent, check out the video below:

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