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A man wearing a Gerber Gear hat and shirt. Photos by: Kayak Angler

New accessories to get your kayak fishing streamlined

Gerber Gear have come up with a whole new crop of over-designed kayak fishing accessories for 2018. The accessories are multi-purposed and garuntee that you will save time while out on the water.

The Gerber Gear Freehander

The first is the Freehander. It's a nipper with replacable cutters and an exchangable eyelet spike, so you can clean out the eyes of your hooks. It also has a patenented line vise. 

line vise
The Gerber Gear Line Driver

Another great product is the Line Driver, line management tool. It contains scissors, a line funnel as well as a split-shot crimper. It also contains hook vise and an eyelet spike. 

These Gerber Gear accessories are multi-functional, so some share features with others. It is an excellent way for you to be able to own the tool that meets your needs the best. 

Check out all of the great gear in the video below:

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