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RAM Mounts brings new ways to personalize your kayak

RAM Mounts has introduced a load of new gear to the kayak fishing game. First is their new aluminum based Hand Track. Using the new RAM Mounts Track System, the Hand Track gives you mounting points anywhere on your kayak, while doubling as handrails. 

RAM Mounts also introduced the Tough Cleat. The injection-molded plastic cleat gives you a super strong anchor point for your boat or kayak that will fit in your Track System. 

The track system gives you a customizable length track anywhere on your kayak. You can add drop points anywhere in the system, so you don't have to slide every accessory from one end of the track, to its desired location.

Another accessory is the Roller Hand Ball Paddle Clip. The rubber balls on the outside of the paddle clip grip your paddle tight, but make very little noise, so you can keep stealth while chasing a school of fish.

Check out more in the video below:

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