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From anchor kits to swackets (yes, swackets), Kayak Angler has gift ideas for the angler in your life.

Scotty 797 Kayak Anchor Kit

Image of a Scotty Anchor Kit for kayak anglers


The Scotty Kayak Angler Kit includes a 1.5 pound folding anchor, 50-feet of nylon line and a nylon clip in a watertight container. Not only does this kit include everything needed to anchor a kayak, but it keeps the anchor in a compact container to take up less space. It also keeps the anchor and rope dry and organized so it doesn't rot or get in the way. Best of all, the container doubles as a bailing bucket in a pinch. 

YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder

An image of a yakattack rotogrip paddle holder for kayak anglers


When the heat is on, a kayak angler needs a quick place to secure his paddle. YakAttack's RotoGrip Paddle Holder provides a quick way to secure the paddle with one hand. The paddle holder mounts to any gear track. The holder grips the paddle shaft with enough tension to hold it tight but light enough to remove with one hand. Using the RotoGrip paddle holder is second nature when in the heat of battle. This is one of those gadgets you'll wonder how you lived without. 

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Kayak Angler Subscription

Kayak Angler Gift Subscription

Not sure what to give the angler on your list? Get them a subscription to Kayak Angler magazine! Every quarterly issue is packed with fishing kayak reviews, great saltwater and freshwater hotspots, the latest rigging techniques and pro fishing tips for every species, plus industry news and fishing reports on what's biting near you. The lucky recipient will also get access to each issue on their phone, tablet and computer. Plus if you select an 8 or 12 issue subscription, we’ll send them a FREE gift at no extra cost!

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Farm to Feet Ansonville

Image of the Farm to Feet socks for kayak anglers


Cold feet are a winter angler’s Achilles heel. Farm to Feet’s Ansonville combine the age-old advantages of merino wool with modern compression design to make a super sock. As the name says, Farm to Feet controls all aspects of American-made production from the sheep to your dogs. Kayak anglers face unique challenges to keeping feet warm and dry. The Ansonville’s over-the-calf compression design keeps blood flowing and heat pumping.

Assault Handpaddle

Image of an orange assault paddle from backwater paddles. 


One of our favorite kayak fishing gadgets is Assault’s Handpaddle. The single blade on a short shaft makes it easy to fish with one hand and paddle with the other. The serrated plastic blade and foam-padded handle allow and angler to use the paddle to push off docks and grab onto branches. Throw the handpaddle in your crate or deck hatch and it’s at hand when you need a hand. 

refuel High Performance Ear Buds

Image of the refuel high performance ear buds for kayak anglers


Get your groove on, on the water. I pass the long hours paddling to and from the fishing spot jammin’ to my favorite tunes through a set of refuel High Performance Earbuds. These beauties stay in place with a unique ear bud with fewer wires to get snagged. The rechargeable battery lasts hours and charges fast. Most important, they sound great, tuned for high performance activities and entertainment. 

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