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Hook & Gaff Watch Co's new Sportfisher II Classic will look good and perform. Hook & Gaff Watch Co's new Sportfisher II Classic will look good and perform. Photos: Courtesy Hook & Gaff Watch Co

A watch fancy enough to be worn by James Bond, that you can fish with.

By now you may be able to tell, but I have a thing for watches. Of all the possessions of a rich man, the sailboats, the sports cars, the ritzy estates, I'd pass on all that for their watches. Actually, I'd want the sailboats too. The Hook & Gaff Watch Co. Sportfisher II Classic, starting at $550 (available with a dive strap for $25 more), looks so good it'd be at home on a rich man's wrist, but wouldn't ever live up to its true potential.

That's because this watch doubles as a fishing watch. The owner of the company, Michael Sims, was an engineering graduate of Clemson University and an avid fisherman and outdoorsman when he saw a need for a watch that was functionally constructed to withstand the elements. I haven't tested the watch yet, but looking at the specs these watches look built to last. 

The Hook & Gaff Sportfisher II Classic is also available with a dive strap.

“Every year I found myself having to buy a new watch as those I wore succumbed to the pressures of saltwater, sun, sand, or a rough ride on the open water,” says Sims, in a press release. “I was determined to design a watch that I could wear on the boat, but also one that would still look fantastic if I wore it into the office or out to dinner.”

The watches are constructed from a lightweight titanium casing, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, a screw down crown and case back for water tightness to 200m. That means you could even dive down to retrieve your lost lure and still have a working watch. A unique left side crown placement for the active wearer means you won't rub an indent into your wrist, as I've always done and the straps are either constructed of a tough ballistic nylon or an imported Italian rubber. 

Another problem I've found while wearing my metal watches on the water is heat. After a long day on the water it feels like my wrist has been cooked with a panini press. The Sportfisher II Classic's titanium case is corrosion and water resistant in addition to being a poor conductor of heat, which means it won't be able to cook you. The watches are available with a silver or blue face. 

The Hook & Gaff Sportfisher II Classic is also available with a silver face.

For more information about Hook & Gaff Watch Co, or their new Sportfisher II Classic, check out their website.

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