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A good landing net is a tool, but it can still be beautiful like this one from Western Rise. A good landing net is a tool, but it can still be beautiful like this one from Western Rise. Photos: Courtesy Western Rise

Your dependable tools can be as beautiful as the fish that you're after.

I'm a sucker for wooden boats, they just have a hold on me. When I see a beautifully crafted boat, whether it's a canoe, a whitewater dory, or a drift boat, I want it. I have zero need or places to even paddle a whitewater dory, but I still want one. That's the same feeling I had when first seeing the new Animas Forks landing net, $200, from Western Rise, with a special partnership with PNW Landing Nets. The net is made from premium white maple and walnut and features Western Rise's trademark and super cool moose logo at the neck. The net pairs down to an axe-inspired fawn foot and is covered by their signature splash of red. 

The Western Rise Animas Forks Net is made from white maple and walnut.

The net's head is fitted with a clear rubber net that can sustain big browns on a trip of a lifetime or your local largemouth bass. Western Rise and PNW Landing Nets worked closely together to make sure the hand-shaped, contoured handle was perfectly engineered to fit an angler's hand to allow for maximum grip and comfort. The net is sized to be a blend between a wade net and a boat net which means that it's the ideal size for a kayak fishing net; long enough to reach but not long enough to be unwieldy.  

Something that I've always liked about Western Rise, back to when I tried out their clothing, is that they're a company that truly cares; about their customers and the world around them. A portion of the proceeds from the Animas Forks landing net also supports the Western Rivers Conservancy. There's your excuse to buy this net, it's helping a good cause. If you've been in the market for a landing net but have been waiting for something pretty to jump out at you, I think Western Rise and PNW have created just what you're looking for. 

Handsome details and splashes of color make the Western Rise Animas Forks net a beauty.

For more information about Western Rise, or their new Animas Forks Net, check out their website,

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