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You've waited to buy a gift long enough, but we're here to help. Give a gift subscription (and get one for yourself).

Oh boy, you've done it now. Only a couple days before Christmas and you still haven't bought the anglers on your list a present. No, the "funny" fishing t-shirt doesn't count, you know it. Instead of settling on a gift card to a store they probably don't shop at or guessing on tackle and buying the trout angler a tuna lure, give a gift subscription to Kayak Angler!

Giving a subscription allows your friends and family to stay in touch with the paddling industry; to read the reviews of the latest boats and gear; to learn about the best paddling destinations around the country and the world; and of course, soak in the kayak fishing culture.

Kayak Angler is the world’s leading kayak fishing magazine. Inside you'll discover the best places to explore and fish, get expert advice and find trustworthy information on tactics and gear. Kayak Angler delivers the fish!

Give a gift subscription here.

Order a subscription for yourself here.

Kayak Angler Gift Subscription

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