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The Bob-Light bobbers are bright and effective, at a low cost. The Bob-Light bobbers are bright and effective, at a low cost. Photo: Ben Duchesney

Light up the night with bobbers that glow while you fish in the dark.

I've never really been a bobber fisherman. Even when I was a kid, I took off the bobber that my dad had tied to the end of my line so I could fish like the pros. It wasn't until I started to occasionally fish with live bait that I realized the true effectiveness of these little balls of plastic. The Bob-Light bobbers, $6.99, are more than just your average bobber, these light up the night. 

Designed with an LED light that points straight down into the water, the Bob-Light attracts fish to make your lure or bait more effective when the world goes dark.

The bobbers are made from a durable plastic and even after casting into some nasty wooded cover, the lights still shined breaking instead of breaking. True to the design, I was able to see the bobbers better at night than I could've with regular bobbers, so I was able to catch more fish. The lure attracting light may have also played a role, but it was hard to tell which was allowing me to catch more. Either way, I was happy with this new night fishing setup. 

The Bob-Light makes your lures more effective while night fishing.

There are two available models of the Bob-Light, a "Deep Water" version (yellow body), which shines down 20ft. into the water, depending on clarity of the water, and the "Shallow Water" model (green body). The Shallow Water bobber attracts those baits and fish which tend to look up for their food.


For more information about Bob-Light, check out their website,


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