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Being able to rinse gear off right away with the RinseKit can extend the life of your gear. Being able to rinse gear off right away with the RinseKit can extend the life of your gear. Photo: Ben Duchesney

Fight back against the harsh effects of saltwater fishing and rinse gear off at the take out.

When I first saw the RinseKit portable shower system, $89.99, at a trade show, I was kicking myself for not coming up with this simple but genius solution to protecting your gear from the elements. The RinseKit gives you a pressurized hose wherever you go, in a compact box the size of a cooler. Once you use it, it's hard to go back. Now I can't go saltwater fishing without first filling the shower system up and throwing it in the back of my truck. 

The cool part of the system is that you don't need batteries and there's no pumping necessary to have the power of a normal spray hose for three minutes. Just enough time to rinse off your kayak and all your reels before putting them back in the truck. The RinseKit holds two gallons of water and the hose nozzle has seven different settings. 

There is a folding handle for one-handed carrying, making it easy to throw into your car or truck, and there's even a built-in ruler for measuring fish filets after you rinse them off. The lid can be easily removed for a changing stand and the hose is six feet long, long enough that it won't prevent you from reaching your whole kayak, but not too long that it gets in the way when not in use–the whole hose packs down inside the RineKit's lid.

For more information about the RinseKit portable shower, check out their website,

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