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Bomb farther casts but also land them on a dime, if that dime is rising. Bomb farther casts but also land them on a dime, if that dime is rising. Photo: Ben Duchesney

Fly lines and leaders designed for 99% of your kayak fly fishing.

Finding the right fly line for your rod and reel combo, local fishery, target species, casting style, mood, and all of the other variables can be a tricky feat. ARC Fishing is trying to simplify the process by offering their ARC99 series of fly line, which is "designed for 99% of your fishing situations." 

The line, which also comes in 99+ ($79.95) for faster rods which I tested, casts whatever flies I decided to throw and stood up against any fish I could find that would bite. The line has a more condensed taper and a little more weight so that it loads your rods easier. That means you can bomb farther casts but also land them on a dime, if that dime is rising. 

ARC's 6% low stretch "Response Core" means that your line will be more sensitive and you'll feel those finicky takes. It also makes the line float super high on the water's surface, for easy pickup and mending. The low-friction, easy mending lines are perfect for beginners, especially because they won't have to worry that they're using the wrong line for their rod combo. If you've been interested in fly fishing but have been afraid to pull the trigger, try ARC's fly lines and you'll be hooked on this sport and pastime. 

ARC has also simplified choosing a leader, as their 99 leaders, $12.95, have a powerful butt section that held fast on every long and tree that I decided to strip set on. The seamless transition to the soft tippet head allows for better energy transfer so your line will unfurl properly. The abrasion resistant freshwater leaders are available in 7.5 ft., 9 ft. and 12 ft. lengths, in sizes 0X to 7X.

For more information about ARC Fishing, or their line of fly lines, check out their website,

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