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The Western Rise clothes were so comfortable I could even sleep in them. And I did. The Western Rise clothes were so comfortable I could even sleep in them. And I did. Photos: Ben Duchesney

Clothing for any kayak fishing adventure, no matter the conditions.

When I'm on trip I need clothes that can stand up to a beating and keep me comfortable in any conditions. When I first slipped on Western Rise's Granite Camp Pants, $99, I knew these weren't your normal fishing pants. The stretchy fabric was comfortable but also breathable enough to wear in the sun. 

Western Rise Gear 2

The hydrophobic material, Western Rise's DryRise fabric, can not only bead water like a paddle blade, but it's also microbial. Which means, to speak the truth here, when I wear them on a week-long canoe trip to Maine's Allagash River, they still smell as fresh as when I put them on. Or mostly as fresh.

The 4-way stretch, mesh draining pockets and breathable material also makes these pants my new go-to wet-wading get up. By the time I've hiked back to camp and started a fire they're already dry. The Cordura knife wedge in the pocket keeps my knife in place at camp, but even after paddling all day long. Handiest feature on a pair of pants that you didn't know you needed. Until you try it. 

Western Rise Gear 1

A good fishing jacket is a beautiful thing. When the weather turns and the rain starts to fall, I basically live in my fishing jacket. Even when the rain stops and the skies stay overcast, my fishing jackets never come off. That's why when I slipped on Western Rise's Bitter Creek Anorak, $299, I knew it was a match made in heaven. 

The comfortable jacket has a sweatshirt-style front pocket that literally swallows my hands and any other gear I want to keep close-by. The pockets don't end there though, on this jacket you have pockets for days. There's two pockets on the front of the jacket for flies, tippet and whatever small essentials you want, it has a fly-drying patch on the left sleeve, and it has a giant pocket at the lower back to hold your fly box or not. The 20K waterproofing and a gusseted collar blocks wind and weather no matter how hard it blows and multiple zippered vents keep you comfortable when the sun comes back out. 

Western Rise Gear 3

For more information about Western Rise, or their Bitter Creek Anorak or Granite Camp Pants, check out their website, 

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