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A new box of flies each month, ready to fish. A new box of flies each month, ready to fish. Photos: Screen Grabs

Get new flies for your local fishery delivered to your door, each month.

I always thought the subscription services that delivered lures to your house was cool, but I always wished there was something for the fly guys. While there are a few providers out there, I recently discovered my favorite, Postfly Box. Monthly subscription packages start at $15.

 Postfly body 1

Instead of a random box of flies, you can target individual species for your fishery. Within each box you receive a handful of flies targeted to catch your favorite trophy. You also get a new, custom sticker that you're sure to show off to your buddies and the world.

One of the coolest things is that your subscription is flexible. Say you sign up for the bass box, but have a trip coming up that's someplace tropical. Simply switch to the saltwater box and you'll be ready to fish when you get there. 

 Postfly body 2

Postfly Box also has great apparel and other goodies that let you wave that fly flag high. 

For more information about Postfly Box, or their subscription packages, check out their website,

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