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Check out new products like Deeper's wireless fishfinder. Ric Burnley

Cool Stuff from ICAST

Ric Burnley

Get Naked! Lifeproof Nüüd for iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3

icast lifeproof

As a proud owner of Lifeproof’s Frē, I was stoked to see the new Nüüd smartphone case. The Nüüd is waterproof and shock resistant, but also provides complete access to the touch screen. This means you can swipe and tap accurately and quickly even with wet fingers. Android users will be stoked, too. Both models will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now, nothing comes between you and your smart phone. Check ‘em out at

Deeper Fishfinder: Find Fish Easier

icast deeper

Finally, someone has solved the fishfinder problem. Usually, installing a fishfinder in a kayak requires cutting, gluing, drilling and wiring. No more. Deeper’s new wireless fishfinder cuts the fuss out of seeing what’s up below the kayak. The transducer is enclosed in a plastic ball that is a little bigger than a golf ball. The signal is sent wirelessly to any iOS or Android device. The ball can be attached to a line to cast out and let float or it can be affixed to a bendable arm and angled over the side of the kayak. Unlike previous attempts at wireless transducers, the Deeper system uses a complicated algorithm to only send clear signals of the bottom and fish swimming below. While the transducer is impressive, the Deeper app will blow you away. In addition to displaying an easy-to see image of the fish and structure, the app displays depth and water temperatures. There are also pages that serve as a weather station and fishing log. It even includes tide and solunar information for hundreds of locations. Fishing information can be shared via social networks and the app ties in to Google Maps. All for around 180 bucks. For more information and sample screen shots go to

Wild River Nomad XP: Power Pack

icast bag

The Wild River Nomad XP tackle bag caught my attention at the New Product Showcase. In addition to a dozen nooks and crannies for every imaginable piece of fishing equipment, this bag also features an LED lamp that provides light for rigging and unhooking fish. The lamp can also be used to light the inside of the high-vis bag. But the coolest features is a solar panel that can be used to power electronic devices through a USB connection. With so many apps for kayak anglers, powering your smartphone on the water is key to going the distance. This bag would serve as a good replacement for a traditional crate in a kayak – especially for anglers who like to fish at night. Price information has not been announced.

Color Changers: Smart Baits

icast smartlure

One of the most innovative lures that I spotted at the show came from Smartbaits. These hardbaits and softbaits change color depending on the surrounding temperature. Every angler knows that fish change color to match the conditions. Now Smartbaits new line of lures matches the hatch. Turning from red to orange as the surrounding temperature rises and falls, the lure will actually change color as it sinks through the water column. To a predator, that looks like an injured bait fish – or dinner. Check out the full line at

Shoot High: RAM Mount’s Painter’s Pole Adapter

icast ram

Serious kayak fishing videographers are getting overhead shots of the action by attaching a waterproof video camera to a common painter’s extension pole. This usually requires some tinkering in the garage to get the camera onto the pole. No more. RAM mounts has developed an attachment with a female thread to fit the painter pole and a three-pronged mount that matches a GoPro camera. Check out RAM’s long line of cool mounts and attachments for kayak anglers at

Hold It!: T-Reign Gear Teathers

icast treign

Sick of losing stuff overboard? Me, too. So I was stoked to see T-Reign’s line of retractable tethers. Sure, there are other tether companies, but T-Reigns use a super Kevlar slim cord, low-profile polycarbonate case and easy quick release. These units are built tough in America. The system comes on everything from a belt clip to gear pouches and tool sheaths. I really liked the fishing pliers and case that feature replacable cutters, grips and a split ring plier.  The tether is so smooth you won’t even realize it’s attached, and it is quick to unattached, too. Check out their stuff at  

Chill’axin with Columbia Omi Freeze Zero

Icast columbia

For many years, Columbia has been building cool looking clothes that keep an angler cool. This year they’ve taken the technology to the next level with Omni Freeze Zero. In addition to UPF 50 protection and Omni Wick moisture transfer, tiny blue dots on the inside of the clothes expand to increase surface area and cool the temperature of the fabric. For 2014, Columbia is expanding their Omni Freeze Zero line to include more styles for women and provide more affordable gear. Look for Omni Freeze Zero in shirts, pants, shorts and head-ware. My favorite is the neck gaiter that keeps my neck, ears and face cool and protected from the sun. See the current styles at

Preserving the Next Generation: Mustang Lil’ Legends PFD

Icast mustang

If you grew up around the water, chances are you hate lifejackets. I’m still haunted by terrible memories of wearing a bulky, ugly and hot PFD. So I was stoked to see Mustang Survival’s sweet line of PFDs for kids. The company spent hours testing and redesigning this new line of PFDs to be comfortable and completely safe. And they spent just as much time testing the styles, colors and designs with kids and parents. The result is a pfd that looks great and works great. The Lil’ Legends line comes in two styles – the 70 for high intensity sports and the 100 for big water. Both have cooling channels, a mesh back and segmented mobility panels for the ultimate in comfort. They also incorporate PVC free flotation and reinforced construction for ultimate safety.  If we’re going to hook the next generation on fishing, we fist have to make sure kids are comfortable and safe on the water. Go to to check out the company’s full line of survival clothing.

Bragging Rights: Big Catch Tees

icast big tee

Looking for a way to capture that trophy catch and still release the fish? Check out Big Catch Tee’s. The design features a large write-on space with blanks for species, angler, size, date and other information. The shirt comes in a variety of freshwater, inshore and offshore designs. The shirts are also quick-drying to wear on the water. So, catch a big fish, write the information on the shirt and wear it proudly wherever you go.

Third Hand: Railblaza Accessory Extender

icast railblaza

Railblaza had a bunch of cool stuff at the Yak Gear booth, but the one that caught my eye was the Accessory Extender. This plastic pole holds a rod holder and paddle at waist level. That means I don’t have to lean down to switch between casting and paddling. The same pole can be configured to hold a nav light, flag or other accessories. Check out for more solutions to common kayak problems.

Universal Slider: Scotty Track Adapter

icast scotty

One thing I was anxious to check out at ICAST was Scotty’s new Track Adapter. As the owner of horizontal and vertical gear tracks, I’m always looking for a way to attach more gear. These mounts screw into almost any make of gear tracks and accept almost any Scotty accessory. After tightening the adapter in the track and giving it a yank, I was satisfied that it is steady enough to secure a most accessories. Now I got to think of more stuff to add to my kayak… Give the Rail Track and the rest of Scotty’s cool accessories a look at

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