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The cover of Kayak Fly Fishing, the book. Photo by Ben Duchesney

A Kayak Angler Magazine Alum Releases A Great Book

When anglers pick up the book Kayak Fly Fishing by Ben Duchesney, they are really picking up two books in one cover. In 190 pages, Duchesney, a former web editor for Kayak Angler, covers everything you need to know to get started kayak fishing and fly fishing with practical tips for combining the two pursuits at one.

As a die-hard kayak angler and fly fisherman, the author has spent every free moment chasing these twin pursuits across the country. His experience at Kayak Angler gives Duchesney an encyclopedic knowledge of the most recent trends and gear in paddle fishing. He’s also served time in the fly tackle business building an extensive background in feather and fur fishing. 

Readers benefit from Duchesney’s experience in both kayak fishing and fly fishing. The book starts with chapters on choosing boats and gear for any type of kayak fishing with an emphasis on considerations for fly anglers. Duchesney describes advantages of sit-on-top kayaks, sit-insides, inflatables, canoes, paddle boats, pedal systems and kayak design. He organizes chapters matching ideal boats with specific waters such as ponds, rivers, lakes, inshore and offshore fishing. 

Next, the author describes the best gear describing specific rods and reels for kayak fly fishing. The sections on rigging and outfitting the kayak are framed for fly anglers but appropriate for anyone getting into kayak fishing. In fact, Duchesney’s book is the only modern tome to describe the most recent developments in the sport that will benefit anglers just newbies or old salts.

The chapters on paddle strokes are also appropriate for any angler, even the instructions on fly fishing paddle strokes will pay off for anyone who chases fish with a kayak.

Duchesney has spent hours on the water honing his kayak fly fishing skills; his tips and tricks for fly casting from a kayak will save anglers time and pay off with more fish. The biggest challenge to tossing flies from a plastic boat is managing the cast. Whether sitting in the seat or standing on the deck, Duchesney offers instruction on getting the most out of each swing of the rod.

Turning his attention to specific fisheries, Duchesney describes tactics and tackle for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Where his own experience is limited, Duchesney leans on well-known kayak fly anglers including pro guide Juan Veruete, fly-artist Pat Cohen, pro-staffer Casey Brunning and other experts. 

Duchesney is both writer and photographer, illustrating the glossy pages with engaging and instructional photos of his major talking points. The clear, how-to information is glued together with fish stories and fishing memories that make Kayak Fly Fishing as engaging as it is instructional. Pick up your copy of Kayak Fly Fishing at

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