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Brian Cadoret with a fish in his kayak Photo: Austin Green

Kayak Angler's Trophy Hunter series gives you a look at five anglers targeting the biggest fish and toughest catches

What is a trophy catch? 

It’s all relative to the time you put in. When I was little, a 16-inch trout was a trophy compared to the nine-inch fish I was used to catching. Then I caught a 24-inch trout and 16 was common. If people look at the photo of the fish I catch and say, “I’m not going swimming in that water!” then I feel like that is a trophy.

Toughest accomplishment?

Finally landing my first musky from a kayak. I had landed a few from canoe or small boat with a partner paddling, but solo in a kayak was really hard. I fish rivers with strong current and log jams. Musky hunt down the fly, often striking close to the boat. They have a bony mouth and lots of teeth so I have to strip set the hook. Then they jump and twist in the air. You have to fight the fish while paddling around obstacles in the river. Then, net the fish solo. Too many opportunities for failure.

Favorite fish story? 

In eight days last June, fly fishing on Otter Creek, I caught a 47-inch musky and a 45.5-inch pike. In the same period, I also caught two...




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