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Learn the most popular skills, get the gear and start your own DIY projects. Photo: Ben Duchesney

Check out the most popular kayak fishing skills, DIY projects and rigging tips of the year!

As 2015 comes to a close, anglers are already started to think about 2016 and how to make it the best season of their lives. But before you head off on your first trip or bury yourself in the depths of your cabin fever, we gathered the most popular articles of 2015 to keep you getting better and better all winter. Check them out now, in order, starting with the most popular article of 2015. 

Keep Night Fishing Safe with these expert tips. 6 Ways To Keep Night Fishing Safe

Night fishing is the best time to hook into a real monster, but it also means the chances of your getting hurt are greater. With the right gear and some precautions fishing at night can be just as fun and as safe as fishing during the day. Use these tips to stay alive when the world goes dark and make it back to the launch in one piece...so you can go out again the next night.







Extend your GoPro Jaws mount neck to get better angles on your photos and videos. DIY GoPro Clamp Gooseneck Extension (VIDEO)

Rex DelRey DeGuzman of LiveLiveNow.com explains how to extend the gooseneck of your GoPro Jaws clamp mount for better angles and better action cam footage. Watch the video now and get started!








A DIY Light Pole can keep you safer on the water both day and night. Rigging Skill: DIY Light Pole

As kayak fishermen, we're at a disadvantage when it comes to being seen and staying safe on the water. One of the easiest ways you can make sure you're seen by other boaters and try to prevent from being run over by boaters not paying attention is to make your own DIY Light Pole.







Use these Inshore Rigging Tips to make your kayak a fish-catching machine.VIDEO: Inshore Rigging Tips

You don't need the fanciest boat to get out to the fish and have a successful day on the water. Check out these rigging tips and DIY hacks from zoffinger for his Pelican Sport Strike 120X Angler and get ideas to rig your boat better.





Check out the new Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130x at Outdoor Retailer 2015.VIDEO: Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130x

Rapid Media's Scott MacGregor talks with Wilderness Systems pro Bobby Clark about the new Tarpon 130X. The famous hull of the original Tarpon is now combined with a whole new deck layout, including the Flex Pod, the Thresher's rear hatch and a new AirPro Lite seat. 

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