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Common mistakes, redfish tactics, loving trash fish, and more popular tactics. Photo: Ben Duchesney

Use these popular tactics to catch your next record fish.

Nothing gets a kayak angler more excited than learning anew kayak fishing skill or tactic. We gathered up the most popular tactics articles that we've ever posted on our site. Use these tricks and tips from the experts to become a better angler and...of course, catch more fish.

Don't repeat these mistakes many kayak anglers make.1) Mistakes Kayak Anglers Make

You're about to read about the biggest mistakes kayak anglers make. But you know we're not going to stop there. You'll learn how to avoid them, and ultimately how to catch more fish.  







Learn to jig for blackfin tuna on this mothership adventure. 2) How To: Jigging For Blackfin Tuna

"The target species of the day was blackfin tuna. Six AM rolled around and we were all tired from the 7 hour drive arriving only 90 minutes before our planned time to start rigging the kayak and the loading of the boat..." Read the full story here.







Expert red drum tactics so you can hook into a monster.3) Beat The Drum

It’s no accident that big red drum are called bulls. With a head like a Minotaur and a disposition to match, big reds offer kayak warriors the ultimate inshore challenge.










Black drum are giant, ugly and a great target species for kayak anglers. 4) Black Magic

They’re big, they’re black and they’re swimming around mid-Atlantic waters looking for an easy meal. But even though they grow bigger, live longer and fight just as hard as their redheaded cousins, black drum are the black sheep of the drum-fish family.







Wilderness Systems pro Jeff Little shows snakehead aren't trash fish.5) Taking Out The Trash

When targeting trophy fish, undesirable “trash” fish often come with the ter­ritory. To catch a cobia, striper, yellowtail, white sea bass or bucketmouth bass, an angler may have to weed through hundreds of sharks, rays, catfish, barracuda and other by-catch. Three pro anglers give tips and tricks for avoiding trash fish, handling trash fish and even turning trash fish into treasure.

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