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Old Town Top Water at PSR 2018 Alex Traynor

Minimal rigging and smart hull design make an easy fishing kayak

Old Town Canoe had their new Topwater series in the limelight at Paddlesports Retailer’s On-the-Water demo day in Oklahoma City. We’ve tested the Topwater 120 and Topwater 106 PDL so we asked product manager David Hadden to take a spin on the Topwater 106. At 10-feet, six-inches long and only 70 pounds, the 106 is a great boat for quick trips to that hard-to-reach fishing hole. The light weight and short waterline make it easier for novice paddlers or smaller anglers who want the freedom of a stable and functional kayak. Hadden pointed out big features on the smallest Topwater model. Our favorite is the indention in the bow for horizontal fishing rod storage. Hadden added that the foam padding on the deck is comfortable for stand-up fishing but also deadens sound and vibration for ultimate stealth. Even though the boat is short and narrow, Old Town’s Double U hull makes it a stable standup fishing platform. “You can fish with confidence with the seat in the high position or standup and sight cast,” Hadden said. A shorter kayak is easier to turn allowing the 106 to sneak into the tightest fishing spot.

The boat is also easier to transport and store. “You can stack them on top of each other,” Hadden added. A huge tankwell will fit any size crate or a cooler. Old Town included a transducer scupper, “It takes about 30 seconds to install a transducer and fishfinder,” Hadden said, making it the easiest boat to upgrade with electronics. Rounding out the comfort and ergonomics, the mesh seat is wide and sturdy with a high and low position. Hadden also showed us a new Lure Angler PFD with foam back specifically cut to fit their stadium seats. “We make the kayak and the lifevest so it’s a perfect fit,” he explained. Combining the Topwater 106, Carlisle paddle and PFD provides a perfect fit in any angler’s arsenal. “This is my skinny-water, river boat,” Hadden says, “I find new places to fish every time I take the Topwater 106 out.”

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