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Bonafide At PSR 2018 Alex Traynor

Stand up and fish in unique closed cockpit design

The first kayak that caught our attention at Paddlesports Retailer’s On-the-Water Demo at Riversport Adventure Park in Oklahoma City was Bonafide Kayak’s new SI123 sit-inside kayak. The newest kayak company has added a sit-inside model to their line of three sit-on-top fishing kayaks. Company president, Luther Cifers explained, “We want to offer a sit-inside kayak with the stability to stand up and fish.” Many anglers are looking for a low-profile boat that sheds wind with enough storage for camping gear. Sit-inside kayaks are lighter and easier to transport than similar-sized sit-on-top. “The SS123 will be a great grab-and-go boat,” Cifers promises. Lead designer, Hans Nutz turned the SI123 over to explain how they accomplished this feat. “We modified our catamaran hull to maintain stability while still offering a perfect place to plant your feet.” To accomplish this, they moved the pontoons closer together allowing the angler to brace his legs on the lip of the cockpit providing more support for solid standup fishing. The boat features a huge hatch in the stern with a flat top and bungee tie downs. “The hatch is large enough to hold a large storage crate or cooler,” he says. Or, remove the hatch and place the cooler or crate inside the hatch. Gear tracks and a removable dash tray in front of the cockpit offer options for adding rod holders and other accessories.

They included their full stadium style seat and a large cockpit opening for any size paddler. They carried over cool Bonafide features like skid plates on the stern pontoons and over-sized bow and stern handles. On the water, the boat sits low for better wind resistance and improved stability. The covered cockpit protects hunters and winter anglers from the weather. While the model we tested is still in development, Nutz promised a solid platform with reinforced cockpit rim and room to mount rod holders and other personalized touches. We look forward to the final product out soon. The SI123 is 12-feet, three-inches long and 31 inches wide and priced at $999.

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